Ronin (in progress)

Synopsis: After a mission gone wrong, you are shunned by your village and leave to live by the samurai code of honor. However, a ruthless
dictator and his three ninja generals ransack your village and kidnaps and enslaves the very people who cast you out to build his
almighty temple and battle armor to conquer Japan. As the Ronin, you are alone and conflicted, but as a samurai, evil must not go
unpunished by warriors of the shadows. Armed with a single katana and emboldened by the code of the samurai, fight your way through the Shadow Clan to eliminate the menacing threat to Japan and find the road to redemption.

With your trusted katana, hack and slash through powerful enemies with a small set of simple but deadly abilities. Jump, slash, punch, and kick through the mixed 2.5D world of Ronin.

This is a Team Project, 5 people.

Team Typhoon Logo

This is our unnamed character model concepts and model sheet.

His enemies: The Shadow Clan


The background NPC’s


Concepts for the different levels:

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Power-up (sword) and Health (Cloth)
Map where our character travels

Jessie Valiant & The Lost Temple

  • 2.5D Metroidvania
  • Jessie Valiant, an intrepid explorer, becomes trapped in a previously unknown temple belonging to an ancient advanced civilization
  • Jessie must acquire artifacts that grant her abilities that will allow her to overcome the various puzzles, traps, and guardian statues that fill the temple
  • In the process of escaping the temple, Jessie will learn the true nature of the creators of the temple; a truth that will change the world as we know it

I am head of the UI team for this class project, and working on the textures for the in-game models.

  • All assets made in Photoshop and Illustrator


MainScreenmainmenu2mainmenu gif.gif


Options in Pause Menu

pausemenu gif



gameover gif


Rival Storm

RivalStorm is a player vs player skill based fighting game. Generally, players must rely on resource management (stamina and health), timing, and positioning to make the most of their decisions within a fast-paced duel. The style relies on simple low poly 3D models, and focuses on simple shading and bright colors. There’s an inherent reliance on managing the character’s stamina, as stamina is directly correlated to health, movement speed, damage dealt, and damage taken. Stamina is everything in RivalStorm.

I am in charge of the UI, and other 2D assets within the game.

  • All work is created in Adobe Photoshop and Illustrator

In-game pause menu
Bria fighter sketch 01
fighters for menu screens
fighters for menu screens 2
fighters for menu screens 3


Rocky Road

Rocky Road! is a 3D platform game developed for the SimonX where the purpose is to guide the ball, Rocky Ballboa, to the goal of each level through tilting suspended platforms and pressing color-coordinated buttons to interact with the environment. Rocky Ballboat dreams of becoming an armadillo and it works so hard that it tries to eat pillbugs and it failed! Now he’s PISSED at everyone and wants to destroy all the pillbugs. If he can’t be an armadillo, then NO ONE CAN!

The game is was created in Unity off of a SimonSays controller. There are motion controls and keyboard controls for the player to use to get through the 4 levels. I made simple UI for the in-game score, art for the different screens, and lead the team throughout the project.

If you would like to try out our game, the final playable build of game is in this link:

Animated GIF - Find & Share on GIPHY

Animated GIF - Find & Share on GIPHY